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Plan your child's birthday party with Tricky Patrick today

Want to have a team of professionals to help you keep the children entertain during the birthday party so you don't have to do it all by yourself? Tricky Patrick has the answers.
Tricky Patrick magician for City Harvest Church Children Day Celeration at Suntec Convention Center singapore

We've helped many affluent parents make their child's birthday party a great success... now you can too.

Dear Parents,

It doesn't matter if you are a first timer or a season pro when it comes to planning a birthday party, there are some dos and don'ts that you may not be aware of.

We do an average of over 20 birthday party magic shows a month; here are some tips which you may find useful.

Firstly, this is going to be your child's special day. Your primary goal is to let your birthday child and friends have a great time so when the children go home, they will tell their parents and friends how great your child's brithday party was.

Secondly, your child is the main star of the birthday party, if she is old
enough, you can sit her down and plan this birthday party together... like showing her this website and asking if she would like Tricky Patrick to come to her birthday party... (a little bit of marketing here :-D)

Let's say you've decided to book me as your entertainer, your job as a parent is almost done...
It is easy from this point on.

Tips On How You Can Easily Plan Your Child's Birthday Party ..... and Have Fun Doing It

Tip #1

Tip #2

Tip #3

Tip #4

Involve the birthday child in his/her birthday party planning process.

Get at least an adult to help you out at the birthday party. You can't be in two places at the same time.

Let the birthday child know how he/her is expected to behave on the day itself.

Child proof the party venue. Move bulky and dangerous furnitures out of the way.

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday party for Michelia! She enjoyed herself very much and so did all her friends. Please thank your friendly and helpful team for me... I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

-- Celebrity, Jazreel Low --
birthday party with magician Tricky Patrick and Balloonist Kerin
Here are some projects that Tricky Patrick has been involved in:

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Birthday party bulletin Maple Story Anniversary
Birthday party bulletin Mediacorp's Baby Care Festival

Birthday party bulletin President's Challenge
Birthday party bulletin Singapore Garden Festival
Birthday party bulletin Singapore Flyer's Grand Opening

Tricky Patrick Makes Your Child's Birthday Party A VERY FUN ONE
Tricky Patrick will entertain the children with his very popular comedy magic show filled with

Tricky Patrick magic show at shopping mall also suitable for birthday party
  • Tons of laughter
  • Funny magic act
  • Funny balloon act
  • Funny antics & gags
  • Audience participation

Your Birthday Child Will Get A Chance To Perform With Tricky Patrick AT THE BIRTHDAY PARTY
And most importantly, your child will be the 'STAR' of the show.
    He/She gets to help Tricky Patrick
  • make a colorful cloth disappear and reappear in the funniest place, or
  • make water magicially evaporates using a very funny secret prop that Tricky Patrick will show everyone at the end of the trick, or
  • have a dancing finale with her friends before they produce a very long streamer from Tricky Patrick's mouth (very funny)
You will find that it is so easy to plan this birthday party that you only need to prepare the place, the cake and the food. While Tricky Patrick will take care of the rest so you can just sit back and relax.

Many parents have told us they wouldn't know what to do with the children if we weren't there to help.

I invite you to image how easy the party will be like with all the bulk of the hour being taken care of by us... It's so Easy!

As a matter of fact, we are so sure of the wonderful result you will get at the birthday party and that the children will have a Laughing Good Time, we offer you Our Iron-Clad Guarantee

Rock solid money back guarantee for birthday party by Tricky Patrick

Here are some reasons why you should choose Tricky Patrick:

Reason #1
Tricky Patrick himself will turn up at the party. Unlike others, you will not see a different magician turning up at the birthday party without you knowing it. In any case when Tricky Patrick is not available, we'll let you know before you book.

Reason #2
We will arrive 10 mins before showtime so that our show will start punctually, and your party will runs smoothly.

Reason #3
Upon booking, we'll send you a program confirmation so that you can be sure we'll turn up on the day itself.

Reason #4
You'll get 2 professional children entertainers at your child's birthday party so you do not have to chase around a bunch of kids during the party.

Reason #5
We'll bring our own portable sound system so the kids can thoroughly enjoy the magic show both visually and audibly.

Reason #6
We'll host the cake-cutting ceremony for you so you do not have to gather the kids yourself.

Reason #7
Addressing special thank you messages to your guests after the cake cutting is a breeze with our portable sound system.

Reason #8
All volunteers during the magic show will get token souvenirs for their help.

Reason #9
Tricky Patrick's so Funny, if the kids don't laugh; we'll tear the cheque.

As a parent, I wish that my child's birthday party will be a happy and enjoyable one for himself and his friends. As such, I always worry about picking the wrong entertainer for his party. I had been using a particular entertainer for the past three years. Every time after the party, my son will tell me about his birthdy party itself and I'll know whether the birthday party was a successful one. This year, someone introcudced me to Tricky Patrick Magic. I went ahead to book a birthday package with them for 2 hours. We have the face painting, magic show and balloon sculpturing... during the 2 hours, I could see that all the children enjoyed themselves very much. Everyone was so happy that they kept asking Tricky Patrick to do the show again.
My son enjoyed the whole party so much so that he 'TELLS' me to book Tricky Patrick again for his little sister's birthday which is just around the corner... And I did that on the day itself. I would like to tell those parents that have not seen his show to go aheard and book his service. Tricky Patrick will not disappoint you and your child.

-- Leena Hentoff --

Every part of the show has been
carefully crafted to grab the children's attention, and put them in the midst of the action and to enable them an "emotional magic roller coaster ride" with Tricky Patrick.

If you do not want the children laughing and rolling on the floor, please stop reading now...
Laughing good time at the birthday party
Tricky Patrick recently entertained my 6 years old boy at his birthday party held in his school. Tricky Patrick's spectacular show was not only amazing and entertaining, but he also actively engaged the children by inviting them to participate in the show. The kids were laughing and clapping and highly participative. Of course my son being the birthday boy enjoyed special attention. I would highly recommend Tricky Patrick for my scoial gathering meant for kids.

-- Joseph Low --
Birthday party held in school

Smashing good time at the birthday party
 3 Ultra Fun Packages For You To Choose

Bronze Package($399)
by 1 Professional Children's Entertainer

Tricky Patrick's Magic Show (approx. 30 mins)
  • Token souvenirs for magic volunteers
  • Host cake-cutting ceremony
  • Tricky Patrick's so Funny If The Kids Don't Laugh; We'll Tear The Cheque

Birthday party silver package ($499)
by 2 Professional Children's Entertainers

Tricky Patrick's Magic Show (approx. 30 mins)
Balloon Sculpturing (approx. 45 mins)
  • Token souvenirs for magic volunteers
  • Host cake-cutting ceremony
  • Tricky Patrick's so Funny If The Kids Don't Laugh; We'll Tear The Cheque

Birthday party gold package ($599)
by 3 Professional Children's Entertainers

Tricky Patrick's Magic Show (approx. 30 mins)
Balloon Sculpturing (approx. 60 mins)
Face Painting (approx. 60 mins)
  • Token souvenirs for magic volunteers
  • Host cake-cutting ceremony
  • Tricky Patrick's so Funny If The Kids Don't Laugh; We'll Tear The Cheque

Hurry! Book Now to get this additional Free Bonus while stock last.
  • Magic Activity Books for the kids to bring home as souvenirs.

  • If you are really excited about making your child's birthday party a really FUN one this year and you want everyone to have a Laughing Good Time...

    I want to find out more about the packages and Tricky Patrick's availability.

    Contact us Now!
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    Magician Tricky Patrick is a great hit at birthday party
    the 'Magic Comedian' for Kids

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